Sir Robin Knox-Johnston

| World War II Born near the beginning of World War II, young Robin would grow up understanding the importance of Britain’s ships. Teenage boys often left their families to join the Merchant Navy, and Robin was no exception. In 1957, at age 18, this young adventurer left his Putney home … Read More

Unbelievable! This guy is Surfing a Motorbike!


azithromycin antibiotic over the counter lawfully I just watched ROBBIE MADDISON’s Pipe Dream, again! I remain overwhelmed. This guy is surfing waves of imagination! Watch it or lose out:                                                 Robbie Maddison Is an exemplary … Read More

ROBBIE MADDISON’s Pipe Dream – This guy is Surfing Waves of Innovation we can only Marvel At


Sakhipur napoleon kortspil Eureka! I just watched ROBBIE MADDISON’s Pipe Dream, again! I remain overwhelmed. This guy is surfing waves of imagination I can only marvel at. Watch it or lose out: And now for the theory… of ROBBIE MADDISON’s Pipe Dream Who was it that said “Eureka! I found (it)” Apparently “Eureka” comes from the … Read More

Unbelievable, 13 Seconds Left, Michael Jordan


australien legend of olympus Michael Jordan on Success   Did you watch Michael Jordan on Leading Ways?   Michael Jordan’s Top 10 Hints Keep working hard Ignite the fire Be different Fail your way to success Have high expectations Be positive Be who you were born to be Have a vision Stop making excuses … Read More

The Difference between Leadership and Management


Seth Godin on the Difference between Leadership and Management Leadership and management are terms we use in every day life and in all sorts of different circumstances. Usually, we hear these words used to describe things going on in corporations, in boardrooms and corner offices, in the “c-suite.” We also … Read More

The Leadership of Seth Godin


Seth Godin As the author of 18 books on leadership, marketing, and changes in the business world, Seth Godin certainly qualifies as an expert on leadership. He is highly demanded as a public speaker and writes a popular blog. His statements on leadership are simple yet profound. We investigate the … Read More

Jane Goodall – A pioneer and leader in the field of primatology


Jane Goodall is a pioneer in the field of primatology who has led the fight for better understanding of animals for over half a century. When Goodall set out in 1960 to study chimpanzees in Tanzania, she was untrained in scientific methods but was well armed in empathy and understanding. … Read More

Maggie Kuhn – Leader of the Gray Panthers


Most people look to retirement as a time of leisure and relaxation. Not so for Maggie Kuhn, who led a new venture called the Gray Panthers beginning at age 65. In 1970, after a forced retirement, Kuhn took up the standard to fight for the rights of the elderly. She … Read More

BELIEVE by Mateusz M – Motivational Video – Inspiration – Motivation


If you do nothing else today, give yourself a gift, reward yourself with some recognition of what you are, what you’ve done, what you could still do – watch this extraordinary video. The transcript is here so you can take it away and keep it with you. I refer to … Read More

Nelson Mandela Inspires a Rugby World Cup Victory by the Springbok Rugby Team 1995


This is my short ode to Nelson Mandela and Francois Pienaar on their meeting of minds in 1995. Leading Ways We lead, Leading is our way, We lead in all sorts of ways, We lead in sports and many other ways, Leading is our way, leading is not our sport, … Read More

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